Headline Results from the March 2012 survey

This survey was about attitudes towards famous people, celebrities and their work in the public domain.

- Over 50 per cent of respondents indicated that they avoided magazines which featured news about celebrities.

- Although they did not actively engage with the media for celebrity news, many respondents had recently looked at news about celebrities in publications bought for other content or whilst surfing the internet.


- 43 per cent of respondents expressed an interest in news relating to celebrities, while about 30 per cent did not find that celebrity news was interesting.

- Less than 20 per cent could make a link between the named charities and famous people.

- 50 per cent of respondents indicated they take no notice of the message presented when celebrities promote charities and organisations and 14 per cent were put off their message.


 - The main medium through which respondents encountered celebrities messages for selected charities and other organisations was through the television.

- Around 68 per cent of respondents had made one-off donations following a celebrity's message for a good cause indicating that the main impact of celebrities is to stimulate donations.

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